Böhm Asesores de Seguros • Bureay Veritas Certification ISO 9001


We are a Broker specialized in identifying, managing and administering individual and corporate risks. We evaluate scenarios and provide the best cost-coverage option to our clients.


Our Organization has a highly trained professional staff in the different areas of insurance activity.

Our team provides personalized attention according to the needs of our clients, with the collaboration and advice of experts linked to the different specialties of the insurance sector.

We are an Organization that includes the different branches of insurance, activities and services closely linked to the insurance market.

A proposal for every need


At BÖHM Insurance Advisors we offer a wide range of services designed to satisfy every need.

Our approach is based on providing comprehensive solutions to our customers.

Our commitment is to your peace of mind


Our coverage provides you with complete protection, adapted to your needs.

With us you can be restful, knowing that your safety and welfare are protected in every aspect of your life.