At Böhm insurance advisors we recognize the great potential of strategic alliances to strengthen and enrich our services.
These strategic alliances allow us to provide a comprehensive and quality service that benefits all parties involved.


Alliances allow the establishment of professional collaborative relationships with other companies and organizations, where the relationship is established with the aim of seeking the welfare of those involved, without this meaning the subordination or obligation of any of the parties.

With the understanding that both will enjoy each other’s company and professional, economic and image wellness will be achieved, which together will create a future business perspective for development, especially for the benefit of our clients’ organizations.

Böhm Asesores de Seguros • AON

AON: Leading Broker in Insurance Advisory and Risk Management.

Böhm Asesores de Seguros • Swiss Medical Medicina Privada

Private Company of Prepaid Medicine with national and international coverage

Böhm Asesores de Seguros • ECCO Emergencia y prevención

Leading private company in health services.

Böhm Asesores de Seguros • Estudio Hubaide Böhm

Auditors and Management Consultants – Foreign Trade Accounting Advice.