At BÖHM Insurance Advisors we offer a wide range of services designed to meet every need.

Our approach is based on providing integral solutions to our customers.


Risk management and coverage

We analyze our customer’s activity and field of action in order to advise them on the risks to be covered, their features and values.

In the case of having already contracted other coverages, we evaluate their policies, clauses and insured amounts.

We select the best insurance companies in the field that You need, taking into account the relationship Price vs. Coverage and the benefits and/or additional services they provide.

We formalize the documents with Insurance Entities of recognized economic, financial and patrimonial solvency, allowing our client to contract the insurances tailored to their needs.

Bohm Insurance Advisors • Services: Risk management and coverage
Bohm Insurance Advisors • Services: Permanent Consultancy

Permanent Consultancy

We permanently keep our customers informed about the status of their policies, their expirations and renewals.

The consultants will be available to clients for the immediate resolution of any query or problem that they may have in relation to any aspect of their coverage.

Responses will be provided by email, fax or telephone within the next 48 hours, unless the complexity of the matter requires written presentations or claims to the insurers.

Life insurance with savings

We offer you a wide range of life and savings insurance through leading companies, in order to protect your family and your future at the same time.

With a simple phone call or email, an Insurance Advisory Producer (IAP) of the Organization will visit you at your private and/or commercial address, within a maximum period of 48 hours. of your request.

This service is implemented exclusively for people with domiciles located in the Provinces of Salta and Santiago del Estero.

In the event that our clients are outside these Provinces and need to have specialized advice in this matter, we take action in solving their query by telephone, via email, or in person through an IAP within a period to be agreed upon.

Bohm Insurance Advisors • Services: Life insurance with savings
Bohm Insurance Advisors • Services: Advice in the event of claims

Advice in the event of claims

In the event of an accident, we advise our clients on the procedures and documentation to be submitted to formalize the claim for the corresponding indemnity before the Insurance Companies.

We analyze the scope of the contracted coverage and the possible course of claiming.
Advice on the evaluation of losses and liabilities.

We prepare loss statistics by policy and type of accident, as well as suggestions and recommendations as to the measures to be taken in order to revert deviations in the results of the policies.

Risk inspection – Value update

We carry out inspections of the risks to be covered in order to know their characteristics and verify that the insurance policies are contracted in accordance with the coverage conditions required by each of our clients.

Likewise, we are constantly responsible for updating and controlling the insured amounts of the covered goods, in order to guarantee that in the event of an accident, the response will be the most adequate for the restitution of the client’s asset situation to the state prior to the loss.

Bohm Insurance Advisors • Services: Risk inspection – Value update
Bohm Insurance Advisors • Services: Control and monitoring of policy payments

Control and monitoring of policy payments

Regardless of the means of payment (directly at our Organization; at the Insurance Company; check or interbank transfer, debit or credit card, Pago Facil / Rapipago coupons), we provide a notification service of the due date of each fee by e-mail, fax or telephone.

Our goal is that you are protected against the occurrence of incidents covered by the insurance policies contracted through our Organization.

We are vigilant to let you know of any modification that may directly affect the cost of your insurance. In case the Insurer introduces changes in the commercial conditions of its coverage, BÖHM Insurance Advisors will issue a notice so that you are not taken by surprise in the occurrence of adjustments in the price of your insurance.

Risks prevention

Our Engineering, Hygiene and Safety Area is trained in the prevention of property loss and occupational hazards.

We carry out a complete survey of your company’s facilities in order to implement corrective measures to avoid or minimize risks that may threaten your assets.

We design and develop training courses on occupational risks prevention for your company’s personnel within the framework of Law No. 19.587 “Hygiene and Safety at Work.”

Bohm Insurance Advisors • Services: Risks prevention

Online insurance 24 hours x 365 days

We quote insurance and issue policies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The insurance items included in this service are: Automobile, Personal Accidents, Combined Family and Comprehensive Commercial.

BÖHM Insurance Advisors will be available to clients for the immediate quotation of these coverages and the subsequent issuance of the corresponding policy.

Requests for quotations and/or issuance of policies should be sent to the e-mail address indicating: Name and Last Name, Telephone Numbers, E-Mail and the Insurance item to be quoted.

You will immediately receive our communication through which you will be requested the necessary data for the insurance quote of your need. After that, the final quote and/or policy issuance will be sent via email or fax.